Peonyco – Personal Hygiene care (Men’s Portable Multi Pack)


Includes Signature Mini Cotton Towel

Hand Hygiene Foam

Foot Odour Control

Man Hygiene Foam

Waterless Shower Foam

Underarm Hygiene Control Spray

PeonyCo personal hygiene products have been scientifically formulated and designed for modern men, women, children and our fury families – People on the go and unlike other comparative products contains no alcohol.

This product range is a formulation combining a blend of biocides on a unique technological formula that is kinder to skin, yet powerful enough to kill the microbes.

PeonyCo personal hygiene products prevent unwanted odours by attenuating the source (microbes) and is designed to get rid of that sticky uncomfortable feeling all the while being gentle on the skin and remains effective even after drying down.

These products are packaged to travel well. They should be in your handbag, vanity bag, backpack, sports bag, toolbox, on your desk, at home or the office, in your car and even on the plane.