Braai Box Gift Set for Father’s Day


Fire up Father’s Day with Our Ultimate Braai Dad Gift Box! 🔥

Celebrate your braai-loving dad with a box bursting with flavor and fun. Introducing our exclusive Braai Dad Gift Box, now with a vibrant South African braai design that’s as lively as the flames on the grill.

Inside this box, your dad will discover everything he needs for a sizzling day at the braai and beyond:

Braai Cracker: Kick off the festivities with our lively braai-themed cracker, featuring a mini Jägermeister, a snap, and a special note just for Dad 🎉

Sizzling Firelighter: Ignite Dad’s passion for braai with our firelighter, adorned with a sticker boldly declaring “You either like to braai or you are wrong” 🔥

Braai Master Striker: Equip Dad with the tools of the trade! Our striker comes with a sticker proudly proclaiming “Braai Master” 🥩

Bottle of Braai Spice: Elevate Dad’s grilling game with a bottle of high-quality braai spice for irresistibly flavorful dishes 🌶️

Roasted Peanuts with a Twist: Treat Dad to a jar of roasted peanuts with a sticker reading “Dad, we’re nuts about you” 🥜

Biltong Packet: No braai is complete without biltong! Include a packet of this South African favorite for Dad to snack on 🍖

Can Cooler for the Cool Dad: with the a vibrant braai design🍺

Make this Father’s Day a braai extravaganza with a gift that combines his love for grilling with vibrant South African flair. Order now and fire up the perfect surprise for your dad! 🔥❤️

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